Find out for yourself why BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Systems are the ultimate in deep relaxation! Contact a member of the BETAR family today to schedule your ride.

USA - Alabama - Auburn

Harmony in 3D

Phone: 334-332-7585



System Type: Pro Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

"Feel BETAR, Sleep BETAR, and Live BETAR" with a visit to this stunning Pro Edition system. With 30 years of BETAR experience, music educator Sue Bradley has created a place to sync Mind, Body, and Spirit allowing relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing to take place.

Pro Edition BETAR system

USA - Connecticut - Old Avon Village

Inner Chi Ventures - Jay Van Schelt

Phone: 860-678-1769


System Type: Standard Edition

This Tai Chi master's research includes optimized healing responses through music selection and CD design.

USA - Florida - Fernandina Beach

The Dome Healing Center - Don & Cindy Murphy

Phone: 904-277-3663

Web: Dome Healing Center

System Type: Whisper Edition Massage Tables

Experience relaxation and freedom from stress like never before in the most relaxing and soothing atmosphere on Amelia Island. You will leave the Dome renewed, revived, and feeling after experiencing one of five massage/reflexology therapy tables equipped with low volume BETAR: Whisper Edition technology.

USA - Florida - Fort Myers

Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa

Phone: 800-767-7777


System Type: Master Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

Discover a serene waterscape overlooking Sanibel and Captiva Islands on Florida’s southwest Gulf Coast. A beautiful haven of gracious hospitality and relaxed luxury with world-class resort amenities embraced by 85 acres of lush gardens. More than a destination, Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa is a state of mind.

Master Edition BETAR system

USA - Georgia - Athens

Music Therapy Services of Athens - Shannon Sausser, MT-BC, MAT

Phone: 706-372-3578

Facebook: Music Therapy Services of Athens


System Type: Standard Edition - Portable

Music Therapy Services of Athens provides quality and meaningful therapeutic and intervention sessions that help children, adolescents and adults achieve personal goals, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, promote physical rehabilitation and encourage wellness.

Owner-operator Shannon Sausser is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy and a Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus on Special Education. She has been a practicing Music Therapist and Music Educator for over 10 years, as well as a professional drummer in her band, sursievision.

USA - Georgia - Carrollton

Transitions Counseling - Mark Wagemaker, LPC, BC-NCC, CPCS, BC-TMH

Phone: 404-580-6684


System Type: Portable Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a treatment plan. We promise to be there for you every step of your journey.  

USA - Georgia - Cleveland

R&P Jewelry & Gifts - Paula Seabolt

Phones: 706-892-4487


System Type: Pro Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

After years of riding the Master Edition in Lakemont, it has been Paula's decades-long dream to bring BETAR to Cleveland and much more of North Georgia. Her Pro Edition system has been upgraded to include the full Master Edition speaker package, the most powerful focused vibroacoustic sound therapy experience available. Very easy to reach from Atlanta and points beyond.

Pro Edition in Cleveland

USA - Georgia - Lakemont

Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.

Phone: 706-782-2524


System Type: Master Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

Ride the original Master Edition System at KRT, which has been producing resonance energy instruments and devices since 1978.

Master Edition at KRT

USA - Kentucky - Bowling Green

Vibe Studio - Deborah and Bill Champion

Phone: 270-996-3664

Web: Vibe Studio

System Type: Standard Edition

Vibe Studio provides a respite for those seeking relaxation and relief from stress. Enjoy infra red sauna, whole body vibration and vibro-acoustic resonance of the BETAR table. Deborah Champion, a licensed therapist and energy worker is on site to provide an energy massage to enhance the experience.

Standard Edition at Vibe Studio

USA - Minnesota - Saint Paul

Institute of the Himalayan Tradition

Phone: 708-429-4700


System Type: Master Edition

The Institute of the Himalayan Tradition was inaugurated as a spiritual teaching center by the saint His Holiness Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Their teachers envision life as a journey to fulfillment in body, mind, spirit. They pass on the ancient wisdom of the Himalayan sages as well as modern art and science in classes, seminars, retreats, personal initiations, celebrations, and spiritual guidance.

USA - New Mexico - Taos

Spirit Emergence of Taos - Bob & Cindy Deering

Phone: 575-751-7050


System Type: Standard Edition

Dr. Bob and Cindy Deering have dedicated over 20 years to researching the effects of stored negative emotional memory on optimum health, concluding that conscious thought patterns, repressed negative emotions, and subconscious belief systems significantly affect the muscles, tissues, organs, and cells of our bodies and, if not addressed, could possibly manifest as dis-ease.

USA - New York - New York

Rod DeJong, LMT

Phone: 646-896-9099

Web: Send email

System Type: Standard Edition

Rod DeJong, LMT combines the intuition and energetics of Reiki, Theta and Shiatsu with the specificity of deep tissue and soft tissue release. He has been evolving his integrative bodywork since 1987.

USA - Ohio - Canton

Rising Sun Holistic Choices

Phone: 330-433-2511


System Type: Standard Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

We're a holistic healing center dedicated to the enlightenment and growth of each person on their journey to health, well being, and peace of mind, body, and spirit. Our team of experienced practitioners and contractors offers a variety of unique services in the "Healing Arts."

USA - Ohio - Garrettsville

Sparbrook BETAR

Phone: 330-527-7130


System Type: Master Edition & Standard Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

Sparbrook BETAR delivers Master Edition BETAR rides for release of deeply held stress and pain. This system is equipped with the all new Pro 700 amplifier. Call to make an appointment today!

USA - Ohio - Jefferson

Dr. Elaine Marlowe, Ph.D., LPCC

Phone: 440-998-4396


System Type: Standard Edition

Dr. Marlowe believes in a holistic approach to therapy and sees a connection between the mind, body, and spirit. From both a vantage point of personal and professional experience, Dr. Marlowe believes in the process of healing, growth, and change. She views the process as a personal opportunity and global responsibility.

USA - Ohio - Springfield

Judy L. Jones, DC

Phone: 937-390-9080


System Type: Portable Edition w/ Pro 700 Amplifier

Judy L. Jones, DC, includes the BETAR vibroacoustic sound system with her patients to help facilitate changes in the body's patterns of holding onto stress, knowing these stress patterns effect us physiologically effecting our nervous system, hormonal system, fight or flight response, digestion and other problems.

USA - Ohio - St. Clairsville

C. Pamela Parmar, M.D.

Phone: 740-695-5335

Web: Send email

System Type: Standard Edition

Dr. Parmar uses her BETAR system to facilitate the health and well-being of the patients of her family medical practice.

USA - Tennessee - Goodlettsville

Feng Shui Etc. - Sue Ruzicka

931-520-3477 (office)
931-510-1832 (cell)


System Type: Standard Edition

A teacher, consultant and nationally-certified bodywork practitioner with a lifetime of success using music for advanced healing, Dr. Sue uses BETAR and the art of tuning fork resonance body work to help clients utilize both sides of their brains across all the states of consciousness. She has a 22 year track record of success with sound therapy systems and has been representing BETAR USA exclusively since 1995. Her Standard Edition System delivers powerful healing results.

Ghana - Sogakope

Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

Phone: 233 91 91334


System Type: Standard Edition

Visit Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm, West Africa's most patronized medical tourism destination, where one is greeted by the sounds of streaming water from the Volta River in harmony with rippling water from a large fountain that instills a sense of calm, tranquil, rejuvenation and holistic health.

 Holy Trinity Spa in Ghana

Ghana - Accra

Healthworks Stress Management & Ayurvedic Clinic - Samuel Sasu

Phone: 233 21 224129


System Type: Standard Edition

Healthworks Stress Management uses BETAR to stimulate the relaxation response in clients of this alternative healing center.

Isle of Man - Andreas


Phone: 44 01624 880318


System Type: Master Edition

Because you deserve it! An ideal way to experience Brightlife – the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility at our Ballalheaney retreat in Andreas and a world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Through a choice of therapies, Brightlife will help you experience and understand the benefits of relaxation, tranquility and calm.

Master Edition at Brightlife

Japan - Nara Yoshino-gun Higashiyoshino Village


Phone: 0746-43-0767


System Type: Master Edition

Plunge into a life of joy in the heart and soul at this beautiful nature facility where clean air washes the singing of birds and the babble of the river to every guest. This center offers a pathway to everyday awareness and spiritual teachings through Akashic reading, dream therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki healing, and BETAR. Regain yourself in this place of healing!

Master Edition at Ichi

Japan - Tokyo - Minato-ku

Elegantree LLC



System Type: Master Edition

All of us at BETAR USA are extremely proud of the Far East's first Master Edition system, built through collaboration with our friends at Elegantree. Services available include not only rides on this certified BETAR Master Edition system, but also installation of BETAR systems and products at client residential and commercial locations.

Master Edition in Tokyo

Japan - Tokyo - Shinagawa-ku, Nishi-Gotanda


Phone: 03-6417-4318


System Type: Master Edition

BETAR is a system that aims to release stress from the mind and body by the frequency that resonates with the sound. By leads to relax the body by a low frequency that can not be to hear in the ear, to experience systemic frequency that resonates with the sound, as well as spirit and your body, you encourage to biological energy. Lying in bed, and deep relaxation, you will obtain the stress effect by simply listening to music.


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